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Bali is not only known as a tourist with a lot of entertainment, but the culture of Bali is still strong and attached in the society.It can be seen from the various areas there are many typicalbuildings of traditional architecture of Bali. Not only the structure inside the house, but also the detail of its decoration could be found at the building of the temple. Besides the detail, there are also various kinds of philosophy in Balinese house architecture. Here are some things that should to know about inspirational Balinese homes:

  1. Various buildings in one field

The various buildings in the home are different from modern houses today. In a typical Balinese house building, rooms such as sleeping or kitchen areas are separated withother buildings as well as worship rooms and other spaces. It is found in the Tri Hita Karana philosophy where the house creates a balance between the elements of human life, the natural environment, and the spiritual.

  1. Basic Size Design Philosophy

For a native residence of Bali, the residential area can be seen where there are various buildings in the yard. Each building has its own function and philosophy based on its place. The entire building is covered by a wall as the boundary of the home yard. This is because of the rules of the Vedic scriptures called Asta Kosala Kosali.Asta Kosala Kosali is the procedure of placing land for living or sacred buildings and also measurement units. House designing is not based on international size but dimensions of hand or body size such as depa size, span, or hasta. It is intended for harmony and dynamism between humans with the environment and the god which related toTri Hita Karana.

  1. Rules of Building Arrangement in Balinese Traditional House

The structure of the building follows the direction of the wind, where the north is considered sacred while the south is considered bad. It is according to Tri Angga’s concept where the front part is called the utamamandala, the holy place for worship,the middle part is the madyamandala as the residence of the occupant, andthe rear part is nistamandalaused for the service area. According to Balinese rules, the corner between the north and the east is a sacred area, so that regular places of worship are placed in this area. Therefore, the south and west corner is an area that has a lower degree.

  1. Building Material Shows Social Status

Material used in Balinese architecture is not offhanded that can be equated to its dwellings. The existence of the level of social and economic status is also felt in Balinese architecture. For the middle class people usually build houses with materials from clay while the upper class people use bricks. So as the roof, the material can be used for tile soil classified by nobles while other ordinary people use Imperata or fibers.

  1. Types of Building in Balinese Traditional House

The variety of separate buildings with their respective functions also have varieties design in the house of Bali.

A. Entry gate. The main gate to enter the house is shaped like a gate. This gate is also the entrance to the area of ​​the house with the surrounding wall.

B. The place of worship inside the Balinese house that must be exist. Its located in the northeast corner area which considered as a sacred. This temple is a placefor family membersto pray for ancestors.

C. Bale Meten. This building is the main building where the family homeowners. The floor of the building is elevated so that this area becomes the tallest building. Moreover, there are poles as a buffer and also the distinguishing name depends on the number of poles. Right next to this Bale there is a vacant lot of yard that becomes the middle area within the residential area.

D. Bale Dangin. This building is a place to organize a traditional ceremony or as a rest place. The shape will depend on the number of poles in this building.

E. Bale Dauh. This Bale is a reception area which located in the western part of the house. This Bale has a lower floor position than Bale Meten and Bale Gede.

F. Bale Sakepat. For this Bale, it is an open building with four pillars. Usually used for sleeping or family lounge.

G. The kitchen building of this house is located in the southwest corner. There are two areas in Balinese kitchen whichone used as storage area of ​​materials and the other one is kitchen appliance and cooking area. Becauseits located in bad areas, here is where the family members purify themselves after traveling away where the kitchen is considered to eliminate the black magic carried by members of the family.

H. The building which consideredas a rice barn or a place to store rice. The location is close to the kitchen that is usually placed in the southeast area of ​​the house.





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